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Birgitta Engagement Ring

"Birgitta" is a reversal of the "Brita" design. The bezel side of the setting is toward the middle finger with the prongs toward the little finger. The shank of the ring is comfortably contoured to diminish any turning which saves the setting from wear. Underneath, the ring shank curves into the crease at the base of the finger and has width and weight to further enhance the non-turning design. The ring design itself is what holds the stone(i.e. there is no head soldered in.) This allows for a very solid and lasting setting. Generally, the simple yet interesting lines together with the fire of the diamond make a ring that is more beautiful than a ring of an overly plain design where the diamond alone is doing all of the work. Another feature worth noting is that here, as with most of our designs, you get the significant design already in the engagement ring. The prices listed do not include the cost of the diamond. Please contact us with the size and quality diamond you are interested in for us to give you a quote.